Benefits of EEKCA by Waisome Marketing Group

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It is difficult to perform all utility tasks with convenience. With POS EEKCAWATT Energy Prepaid cash cards, you will get a one-stop solution for mobile uploads or deposits, banking services, payment of electricity bills, conversion of currency and link-up with clients via banking services. It is optimal for retail locations and provides online services at reasonable rates for online shopping and with the usage of PCI Compliant EEKCAWATT Energy Prepaid cash cards. This is a cutting edge and innovative technology introduced by Waisome Marketing Group, a privately owned company providing a wide range of services to customers across the globe. Waisome Marketing Group has an important role as The Barasch-Waisome Foundation, contributes a percentage of the company’s generated revenue to a number of charitable causes. We support environmental and educational programs, funds for schools, student scholarships, and most importantly, for medical and cancer research.

With their revolutionary and state of the art technology introduction, it has become an initial step in providing the facility of marketing to business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C). With their avant-garde team of professionals and experts, they re-engineered the need of various tasks which are related to day-to-day life of businesses and customers. The ingenious and visionary EEKCAWATT service is basically an energy currency and conservation service that has the use of loyalty cards and system packaging catering to all esteemed and valuable clients.

Waisome Marketing Group has been a pioneer in marketing services for years. They have become capable of introducing the usage of wireless cards for users.

EEKCA is breaking new ground by expanding itself to provide optimum healthcare services and facilities to its consumers. EEKCA HANDI1 is a secure and reliable gateway for online payments. Systems are now easier, safer, and more productive as compared to before.

EEKCA includes services in the field of grocery, mass merchandising consumer electronics and much more as per the requirements of customers. The Waisome Company focuses on building relationships between manufacturers and retailers. The customers get the best products in markets with great accessibility. Moreover, EEKCAWATT, (EKW) facilitates easy payments by clients.

Waisome Marketing Group caters prepaid card payment system which will also supports its biometric processing solutions. Manufacturers or/and merchants who are directly connected to EEKCAWATT and have their own website or portal can call API integration to accept payment with the use of EEKCAWATT Payment Gateway. Services and Branding of EEKCA, EEKCATV CHANNEL and EEKCAWATT Products are provided by the Waisome Marketing Group at competitive and reasonable rates worldwide.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with EEKCAWATT !