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How To Beat Inflation ?

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What is EekcaWatt Energy Currency ?

Save on Fuel Consumption with Eekcawatt

Our Unique Payment System

We are deliverers of the “currency” units for Eekcawatt Metrics. The enduser Get to SELECT his/her Eekcawatt “Currency”in the fiat currency amount of Eekcawatt units on our site location without changing purchasing power parity. This kind of financial security promises to pay for a fixed number of Eekcawatt-hours on-demand without changing the fiat currency value.

Mobile Money Services

We can pay for your electricity in the same way that we can send you mobile telephone minutes…to our online loyalty-card subscriber/membership program.A Eekcawatt-hour is a Eekcawatt-hour ,and will deliver exactly the same amount of energy when the card is redeemed at face value.Since Eekcawatt-hours of electricity do not depreciate,interest payments are not needed to maintain their value or buying power. Eekcawatt Energy-Savings Currency Card is tied to the US Dollar (vissa versa) as the underlying asset,reserve currency connected to what the price of a fungible barrel of oil on the futures market.

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  • Eekcawatt Banking System
    We would like to introduce you to our new exciting energy-saving currency (medium-of-exchange) to you as a “New Way To Pay and Get Paid from ANYONE , ANYWHERE world – wide and in ANY currency..

    Eekcawatt delta do not depreciate , interest payments are not needed to maintain their value or buying power .
    This King of Financial security promises to pay for a fixed number Eekcawatt units.
  • Eekcawatt Currency
    We have created the EekcaWatt Currency (EKW) to aid our clients.All Global (fiat) currency can be converted to “The EEKCAWATT” Energy-Saving Currency without the bank !
    Eekcawatt METRICS Units support wireless , face-to-face , self-serve , MOTO, Banking App and POS .

    WITH Eekcawatt POS Cards a Unit is not redeemable for Electricity supply But rather for payment for supply. Because such transactions relate to Energy Inputs, the value of Eekcawatt delta remain constant compared to Cash Market dominated by speculators with leverage.
  • Financial Security
    Multiple currency exchanges and tracking systems are available . A Pre-Pay subscriber holds the actual value in their accounts until they are spent or transferred – They hold what the banks call the “float”.

    Eekcawatt POS Cards are formulated to experiment with an alternative to credit-driven asset bubbles and to cope with the shrinking economics that must follow “peak oil”.
    Because Eekcawatt POS Cards may be redeemed for consumer electricity almost anywhere on earth they can also be used for barter-and as a store of value-worth a fixed amount of energy , regardless of local electricity prices.Eekcawatt Security is structured to serve as both a store of value (energy) and as a medium-of-exchange and capital formation.

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